USccc offers students a variety of academic support, both individually and in groups, where most everyone can find someting to suit their needs.  Academic support comes in the liking of workshops, mini-lectures, short sessions and group counselling. This service is offered throughout the academic scool year.  By looking at the events calendar you can see both dates and times of services offered.

Study skills workshops are offered in the beginning of each semester where students are assisted in evaluating their strenghts adn how to become more efficient and effective learners. The main emphasis is on study skills, time management, note taking and preperations for exams.  

Following is a list of academic support available:

  • Mini-lectures in mind mapping and crash courses for example in dealing with procrastination and test anxiety and preparing for exams.
  • Workshops for students who are working on a BA/BS/B.Ed. theses.
  • Group counselling sessions in dealing with test anxiety adopting a cognative behavioural approach.
  • Group counselling sessions in boosting self-esteem adopting a cognitive behavioral approach.

The workshops and lectures are held in Icelandic.  However USCCC offers a an orientation in study skills in English for foreign students at the beginning of each semester. 

Counsellors discuss, among other things, the importance ofsetting academic goals and how students can use their time more efficiently by using different learning strategies.


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