Useful links

Material on time management, reading strategies and test preparation:

Site covering
almost everything relating to studying

Procrastination and improvements. A link to the
many universities

Virginia Tech. Survey of study

Time management

Surveys that assist in finding the biggest time thieves and how you can improve time management

Virginia Tech. Tips to improve your time management and how best to set up a timetable

Tests on the
website of Virginia Tech that helps students to assess how time goes, and what are their greatest time thieves

The web site
Virginia Techeru tips that help students organize their time, both for studies and private life

Tips on time
management on the Web of A&M University 

Reading strategies

The Virginia
Tech website you can find advice and guidance to effectively read scientific articles using the technology to scan and scan the material first

SQR4 - reading
and learning process


Cornell method

Directions from Virginia Tech, how best to rewrite notes and competent in what was not in
the lecture

Glósugerð at
times - functionality. Tips to get the best performance in class, active listening, good glósutækni and positive attitude

Mind maps

URL of
Inspiration Software Inc., which teaches, among other things ways to improve their organizing skill and dealing with complex issues. You can try
mind map free for one month.

Test Taking and essays

ritgerðarskrif and how best to arrange them on a website Virgina Tech

English URL
from the teacher at the University of Iceland where the papers are in the development, authorization and registration materials and contents

The Virginia
Tech website include a discussion on writing more papers, how do you choose topics, find sources and write a draft

Dealing with
difficult questions. Short and concise advice from Virginia Tech

Tips on the
Web Virginia Tech how to keep focused

Checklist on
the website of Virginia Tech.
Practices in education and if the time is well spent

URL from Texas
A & M University.
Where you can find general guidelines for examination

Accessible information on the website of Virginia Tech for most of it for every lesson, including time management, ritgerðarskrif, minnistækni, glósugerð and more

URL from the
BBC about learning and more

The learning environment

URL from
Virginia Tech to discuss on how the learning environment must be available and how best to evoke the best learning conditions

The website of
the University of Waterloo is to find practical and accessible guidance on most things related to learning such as time management, minnistækni, glósutækni,
reading, test preparation, etc.


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