Psychological counselling

Katrín Sverrisdóttir, a clinical psychologist, works at the UISCCC and provides a short-term, individual counselling in psychological problems. At the UISCCC we offer our students group counselling in test-anxiety and how to overcome low self-esteem, since these factors can be an obstacle while studying. It is required to make an appointment in advance at the UISCCC office, tel. 525-4315.

Studying at a university is a time of change for an individual. Events such as moving away from home or starting a family are examples of such changes.  Students can also experience their academic studies as being quite demanding. These factors together or seperately can lead to a period of emotional or psychological distress and be disruptive while studying.

The Student Psychology Clinic
The service, done under supervison of licensed psychologists, is available to university students and their children. The Student Psychology Clinic is located at Aragata 14, telephone number is 856-2526. For further information.


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