Dagur 4: Reynsla - tengsl við atvinnulífið

Magnús Magnússon, starfsmaður Booking.com á Íslandi, mun deila reynslu sinni að störfum fyrir þetta stærsta netferðaþjónustufyrirtæki heims.

Magnús Magnússon heads up Booking.com’s Iceland office. He recently moved back home from Los Angeles where he lived for 11 years, both at university and then working in television production before finding a real career with Booking. Besides managing the Icelandic team, he is also the face of Booking.com in commercials in the UK, US and Netherlands. He has travelled to 65 countries and counting and plans on adding Kyrgyzstan to his list while in Russia for all 3 of Iceland’s World Cup matches!

Þú ert að nota: brimir.rhi.hi.is