Career Counselling

Carreer and guidance counsellors at the University of Iceland Student Counselling and Career Centre (UISCCC) assist university students in bridging the gap from education to employment. UISCCC offers an Icelandic interest inventory, Bendill III. UISCCC offers individual interviews, workshops on job seeking, covering resumé writing, using introduction letters as a tool and preperation for job interviews. Further information on dates and times is available on

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The following career and guidance counsellors offer students at the University of Iceland individual interviews on career counselling. Ásta Gunnlaug Briem, Ástríður Margrét Eymundsdóttir, Jóhanna Sólveig Lövdahl, Kristjana Mjöll Sigurðardóttir, Lýdía Kristín Sigurðardóttir and María Jónsdóttir. 

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